We use 5 basic measurements in determining the size to make most custom helmets, which can be measured with the help of a friend or loved one. The results of these measurements will establish how well we get the helmet to fit, so accuracy is necessary. A cloth tape is necessary for measurement 1, while a hard ruler seems to work best for 2- 5. Any further questions will be cheerfully answered, if asked.

These are the measurements we will base your helmet on, Please get them as correct as possible! A simple 1" mistake could make you look like a bobble head doll. While we guarantee satisfaction, we only have these to work with, and may be forced to charge extra to take care of mistakes not under our control.

Charles Amaral stopped by the shop and was kind enough to act as a guinea pig for our picture (and we appreciate it!)

1: Head Circumference:

With a cloth tape measure, measure around the head where a hat would normally sit.  Do not allow for padding, we will take care of that in our build.

2: Eyebrow to Chin:

Measure the distance from the bottom of the eyebrow to the bottom of the chin alongside the nose.

3: Tip of nose to back of head:

Measure distance from tip of nose to back of head on a straight line. Resting head against wall and measuring out to tip of nose seems to be the easiest method for this one.  Don't smash your nose into the wall, just touch it lightly so we can get the opening right.

4: Top of head to shoulder ridge:

Measure from the top of the head to the large muscle ridge alongside the neck. A book on top of the head will help a great deal, then measure from the bottom of the book (B) to the muscle ridge (A) using a hard ruler. This measurement is the most common to make a mistake on, so double check your result and remember it is a straight-line measurement.

5: Width Of Head:

Using a hand or wall as a guide for one side of the head, measure across at Temple level.


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