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Estimates provided by the shipping calculator are just that, estimates. The calculator bases its estimates on the combined weight of each item in the order and cannot take into account product size, nor does it include insurance costs which are based on the total price of the order. If the order will fit and it is more cost effective, we will use flat rate packaging when ever possible. Items, such as shields and helms, that are over 12" in any dimension will incur oversize charges.  Please note: The shipping weight listed for shields on the products page does not reflect the actual weight of the shield. The actual shipping fees for large items like shields are based on dimensional weight so to accommodate for that in the shipping calculator we've had to list the weight of the shields as their dimensional weight.

In order to keep our customer's shipping costs down, orders will be shipped via UPS Ground, FedEx Ground, USPS Retail Ground (was Parcel Post) or USPS Priority Mail according to which is the more cost effective method. Heavy and/or oversized items, such as shields and helmets, will almost always be shipped via FedEx, UPS or USPS Retail Ground, smaller items ship in USPS Priority Mail flat rate packaging when they fit. Please allow up to 3 business days to process your order and an additional 5-7 business days for transit, depending on your location.

When preparing packages for shipping we take into account the shipping method the customer has opted for, the actual retail shipping rates quoted by the various carriers, and the cost of the materials necessary to pack the order for safe delivery. If USPS Priority mail or USPS Express mail has been chosen, we will ship using the specified method. If USPS Parcel Post has been chosen we will review the costs of USPS Priority Mail, Retail Ground, UPS ground and FedEx ground and ship via the method that is most cost effective for the customer.

Expedited shipping:
We can ship via any expedited UPS or FedEx method, including Overnight, 2- Day or 3-Day Express Saver. Additional rates apply, please note which service you require when placing your order.

Other shipping details:
All orders are insured for loss or damage in transit and include delivery confirmation.

Shipping costs charged are a total of actual retail shipping and insurance charges quoted by the carrier, plus handling/packaging costs required based on merchandise ordered.

All customs and special entry fees for international shipments are the responsibility of the customer. We cannot estimate what these charges may be, but we have heard they can range from $0-$70 (or more?).

Handing/Packaging Fees:

Handling fees vary depending on the item(s) ordered and the amount of time and packaging required to prepare the shipment.

Handling fees for packages processed using USPS provided packaging run $3.00 and up. We will use USPS packaging whenever possible. If non-USPS packaging has to be used the fees are $5.00 and up. Handling fees for round shields under 24" in diameter and all other shields under 40" in length start at $7.50. Round shields larger than 24" in diameter and all other shields 40" in length and over start at $10.00.

Returns and Warrantee:

Please inspect your order upon receipt.

Windrose Armoury guarantees your satisfaction with our product upon receipt. If there is a problem with your order or merchandise has been damaged in shipment, please notify us within 30 days of receiving your order.

No damage claims, returns or exchanges will be made after 30 days.

To initiate a damage claim or request a return, please call us at 928-536-9635, or email us at for return authorization.

Merchandise will be replaced, exchanged, or a credit or refund will be issued at our discretion and after consultation with the customer.

Items authorized for return or exchange must be received by us in original condition and in a timely manner. Items which show modification or which take an inordinate amount of time for return will be handled on a case by case basis.

All returns and exchanges must be authorized. Unauthorized returns or exchanges will not be accepted.

Shipping and handling charges will not be credited.

If items are damaged in shipment, please retain all packing materials. We must file a claim with the carrier and they may require inspection of the packing materials to approve the claim.


All our merchandise is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship. Damaged or unserviceable items will be handled on a case by case basis. Please call us at 928-536-9635 or email us at if a problem arises.

This warrantee does not apply if a product is modified in any way, abused or used for a purpose or in a manner other than it was intended. (Helmets make lousy jack stands!)

Our products are hand crafted to exacting standards, but medieval combat sports are an intrinsically dangerous activity and Windrose Armoury assumes no liability for damage or injury resulting from participation in these activities. The user assumes any and all liability for their use and their own participation.

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