Heater Shield
[Heater Shield]


i bought a shield a while back from the crew here at Windrose, and i must say its AMAZING. Often being one biggest guys in my warband I am put at the point of our spear head charges and i can proudly say after a full season putting this shield through the hell and back its still in perfect condition. Normally I eat a shield up half way through a season between wars and 3 practices a week. this thing is built like a tank and light as a feather. More of my warband are now looking to get one for themselfs. I recommend this for anyone who is tired of looking at a pile of beat up shields and wondering which is in the best condition to use... so to all you at Windrose I thank you for a fine product and lack of bruises :)
Date Added: 04/03/2007 by Michael Carney
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